Privacy Policy
Captain Snap

We are company Data Diamond s.r.o., Id. No.: 04576594 and we operate the Captain Snap. A service for event organizers identifying people on photos from various events. That means no more browsing through thousands of photos - Captain Snap will find you.

Please read this policy if you participate in a race or another event where the organizer uses the Captain Snap service. We may update this document in future.

What does Captain Snap do?

Captain Snap replaces manual photo matching and allows participants of events to easily find their photos. What happens If you participate in an event with the Captain Snap service? The organizer uses our service to get your pictures from the event and to allow you to search for your pictures and to allow you and others to view and optionally also download the pictures from the event. The photos from the event on their own are not personal data. To make it easy to find yourself on photos, Captain Snap links the pictures with your name, e-mail, starting number or other identifier which the organizer forward to us. These additional information qualify as personal data and once linked with your pictures, such pictures qualify as personal data as well.

Who works with you personal data and which personal data are being processed?

Organizer of the race or other event, who hire us, is the one who decides why and how is your personal data processed.This means that the organizer is controller of your personal data. We, as an operator of the Captain Snap service, process the personal data based on instructions from the controller. It means we are the processor of your personal data. The controller shall inform you about processing of your personal data. Such information is usually found on organizer´s website. If the organizer informed you, that on the event will be available the Captain Snap service, please read this documents as an information additional to the information from the controller. This is information about processing of your photo and starting number and, to the extent provided to us by the organizer, also of your name, e-mail and other data. In the event of a conflict in privacy policies, the document from the controller shall prevail. You can find the controller´s contact information in their privacy policy or on the event website.

What is the purpose of processing your personal data?

Organizer as a controller may process your data for the following purposes (no explicit consent is required from you):

  • To provide you with a photo search service and other services to related to your pictures. This is the performance of the contract between you and the organizer.
  • News coverage from the event. This is the legitimate interest of the organizer and other participants. For this purpose, only the photo and the information visible in the photo (eg your starting number) will be used.
  • Improvement of Captain Snap service. This is the legitimate interest of the controller and of us as processor.
    • Further information

      Tiy data may be processed while the purpose and legal reason for processing lasts. If the organizer does not give us any other instruction, your photos will be available for search, view and download (if applicable) for 12 months.

      You provide the data on a voluntary basis, but without your identification, the organizer will usually not be able to register you, nor will you be able to find your photo.

      Please check the organizer's privacy policy to see with whom they share your data. Controller usually uses different suppliers (like us). These suppliers may themselves use other subcontractors. A relationship with suppliers is always handled by a processing contract. Usually, data remain in the EU, but if not, it is transmitted with the USA under Privacy Shield or under standard contractual clauses. These are the instruments that the European Commission has approved as a sufficient safeguard to protect the data transmitted.

      Regarding the processing of your personal data, you have different rights, as described below. For example, you may refuse processing based on legitimate interest. If you let us or controller know that you do not want your photos to be linked to your data, we will respect this. But we cannot guarantee, that we will be able to delete your photos. We would harm other participants' interest in the news coverage and sometimes it may not be technically feasible.

      If anything regarding your privacy is unclear to you, please contact us at or contact the organizer.

      Your rights

      Legal rules on personal data protection guarantee you various rights in the area of personal data protection: To the extent guaranteed by legal rules on personal data protection - especially GDPR – You may request access to your personal data from controller (information about what your specific data we process and how do we work with them); you may request restriction of the processing your data (which means that we do not delete the data but we will not work with them); you may request data deletion and correction (always if the legal conditions are met); and you also have the right to object to the processing of data and you may exercise your right to data portability. If you believe that the processing of your personal data violates the law or the processor, you can file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection ( Objections against processing: You may refuse processing based on legitimate interest and the controller will limit the processing if the controller does not prove serious and qualified legitimate reasons for processing.