In thousands of photos,
we'll find yours

Captain Snap is a new service, identifying people in photos from your event. That means no more browsing through thousands of photos - Captain Snap will find you.

Let us sail to your event

Large-scale events with hundreds of participants mean thousands of photos. Whether it is a concert, festival, marathon, or any other event, Captain Snap can go through all the photos in a breeze.

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We snap everything

We can provide our photographers and deploy custom built photo traps with our SnapBox van. Our special SD cards will instantly upload all images to our servers, where we process the photos and recognise numbers or faces thanks to our unique technology.

How does it work?

Using a system based on artificial intelligence and facial recognition, we instantly pair photos from your event to its participant and automatically distribute them on the mobile app or on our website. And we'll make it snappy!

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Oh snap!
What kind of magic is that?

There's no magic involved, only a unique AI-based system able to recognize faces in photos and deliver them to you.

How do people find
their photos?

You can get your photos printed on the spot or get them delivered to our mobile app or website in a fingersnap. The participants will get something to remember!

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Want to know more? Sail to our website ALBUM, search the waters of Instagram, or look for #captainsnap on the horizon.

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